What to Do before You Rent a Car?


If you decide to rent a car, it will give you great some great advantages on your holiday instead of having to wait for and use public transportation, or having to fork out for taxis everywhere. And if you’re flying in,airport rentals have become more popular than ever.

  • Yes, walking can be fun, but not everywhere is within walking distance.

But, as with anything else nowadays, even renting a car can have its drawbacks, let’s check on what to watch out for:

Insurance Policy

Some rental car insurance might be rather expensive, so make sure to check out what they have to offer. Nowadays, some credit card companies, if you use their card for a car orvan rental, will provide insurance coverage with no additional charges.

  • Just make a point of checking everything out before taking out a car, and make sure that the insurance isn’t only limited coverage.

Make a call and check out car hire deals, and see what they have to offer regarding insurance.

Getting the Car You Booked

If you have already made the booking for quality car hire Australia, ensure that you get the one that you asked for when you get there. If you arrive at the rental service’s office and they then tell you that the vehicle you booked is not available, but they have various others, just ask them for a discount.

  • Because to be fair, it’s their fault that they don’t have what you ordered.

Don’t Go Off Road – Stay on Paved Roads

Read up on a company’s policy regarding all issues as some of them have a policy that forbids the use of their vehicles on unpaved roads. And even if you do have rental car insurance, either theirs or from your credit card, it may be nullified should you drive on an unpaved road.

  • So definitely make a point of staying on the main paved roads.

Fill up Your Car Prior to takingitback

Remember where petrol stations are when you first take out your car from the rental company. Nearly all rental car companies have a fill tank policy and you must return the car with a full tank.

If you don’t, you’ll get a bill for the petrol you didn’t put in, and at the company’s somewhat higher rates. So, get the tank filled up just before you return the car.

At the End of the Day

You will definitely appreciate the great convenience of making use of airport car hirewithout having to fork out for any unexpected fees. So, do some research (so easy these days with the Internet) on car hire at Brisbane airport and just inquire as to what vehicle they might have, so you know exactly where you stand – and exactly what you’re paying for.

Apart from that, have a wonderful time driving in Australia and always remember to drive carefully!