Top Events You Can Host In A Function Room


Do you have a one-year contract with a function room service provider? Thinking of how you can make the most of their services? Here’s a list of some events you can host in a function room.

Business Dinner

A business dinner can be a great way to celebrate milestones in a company. This is the best time to give your employees a break from keeping up with deadlines and let them socialize with their colleagues. Relations between attendees can even be built for a stronger team of people working in your company. One tool to make a business dinner a success is by having an efficient function room where guests can comfortably mingle with their colleagues.


Invite your employees, clients, and other staff members within your field to meet in one place not just to talk about the business but also to relax and unwind. Networking is a great way of marketing your business or discuss about business plans. The goal is to get a work relationship started and getting yourself and the business out there. To set the mood of the guests, you can customize the function room into a place where everyone may gather around and have meaningful conversations.

Product Launch Parties

Launching a new product or service is a good reason to host an event. Create a buzz by making sure that your function room exudes the right mood and vibe of the product that you are launching. It should also represent the company’s branding. With proper preparation and planning, you can arrange an incredibly successful trade launch.

Holiday Parties

A holiday event is the time when employees look forward to what the company has in store for them. Exceed their expectations by using the function room as a setting where employers can show their appreciation for all the hard work their staff members have endured during the year. Aside from the rewards, brainstorm a few activities that will make your employees appreciate the holiday event you’ve prepared specifically with them in mind.


Cocktail parties

Cocktails parties are social gatherings that aim to entertain business associates and colleagues. These types of events are great for receptions and open houses since they are easy to plan. Just make sure that your function room is in a location that will benefit your attendees. A typical cocktail party can last up to three hours, during which attendees will be served with snacks and alcoholic beverages while socializing with other party guests.




Conferences are absolutely essential to for the company’s intellectual growth, networking, and professional development. It gives the company a chance to meet your clients and business partners in a function room, designed to let everyone interact with one another. Conferences also give you a chance to build a lasting impression that can make a difference on your business.




A workshop is a short and educational program made to educate or introduce to participants practical techniques, skills or ideas which they can then use in their daily lives or work. It’s an ideal way to teach hands-on skills since it offers attendees a chance to try new methods and use it in improving their work performance. If you have a dozen of attendees, then the function room in your office will be just fine. However, if you have more than fifty people attending the workshop, you may have to find an outside location that can accommodate a bigger event.


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