Top 4 Places to visit near Pushkar with DSLR

Top 4 Places to visit near Pushkar with DSLR

Pushkar is regarded as the most temple city with the brilliant architecture seen on the Temple and the palaces in the city and the radiance seen in numerous parks and baghs. The culture and the tradition of the place get brewed perfectly in the city’s lifestyle bearing amenities and facilities welcoming the tourists and travelers. You cannot just travel without your DSLR camera when you take up the Pushkar Rajasthan Tour Package from the Royal Adventure Tours.

Picture Perfect Places in Pushkar:

  1. Brahma Temple Pushkar: Brahma Mandir is an Indian Hindu temple situated in Pushkar, Rajasthan, and a holy place in Ajmer district of Rajasthan state of India. In this temple, the idol of Jagat Dad Brahmaji is established. This temple was constructed in the 14th century, which is approximately 2000 thousand years old. The temple is mainly made of marble stones. There are thousands of devotees coming in the temple during the Kartik Purnima festival. Brahma Temple to be great frames for your DSLR.
  2. Pushkar Lake: Pushkar Lake is the 1 kms long manmade lake that has become the identity of the city. Pushkar lake of Rajasthan is also famous. The Puranas from Pushkar Lake show that Brahmaji was very worried that there is no dham on earth like other deities. On Shivaji’s advice, he dropped his petal petal and selected the site. Your DSLR can be utilized in the best way while you take the bath in the lake. In fact, many amateurs visit these Lake for their initial photography sessions.
  3. Man Mahal Pushkar: The Man Mahal is one of the best palaces of Pushkar. This palace was originally built by Aamer’s King Man Singh I. It is very beautiful to see. Many visitor foot days come to see it. And take full enjoyment of their vacation. This palace has now been given the form of the hotel. And this hotel is under the Government of Rajasthan. It Located in the east of Sarovar, it is a must visit in Rajasthan. By visiting the Man Mahal, you will not only enjoy the beauty of the palace but also the breathtaking view of the lakes and temples around the lake.
  4. Savitri Temple Pushkar: Pushkar is one of the oldest cities in India. Between the Aravali range located in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district, Pushkar is often called the Tirtha Raj, which literally means the king of the pilgrimage site. The Savitri temple situated on the top of a hill named Ratnagiri is dedicated to Savitri, wife of Brahma. You can climb the hill to catch the beautiful view of Pushkar Lake. This temple is situated at an altitude of about 750 feet and takes a flight of 650 steps to the Savitri temple, which is the second most important temple in the city. The marvelous structure of the temple is worth capturing in your DSLR.

Many amateur and professional photographers consider taking up the Pushkar Tour Package for capturing the reflection of the culture and tradition in the structure and designing of the monuments and other such tourist attractions.