The Unique Mosques in Indonesia to Visit


The Unique mosques in Indonesia has been not only the very important place where the people can pray as comfortable as possible, but also become the interesting tourism objects you better visit whenever you have a spare time. There are so many distinctive and exceptional designs that the mosques can offer to you, so that you will find that it can be so eyes pleasing for you when you see and explore the place. Then, do you really want to find out what the Unique mosques in indonesia to visit are? In case you do, it is so much recommended for you to continue reading below!

Thus, here are some of the various Unique mosques in indonesia that you cannot miss to visit at all, which are:

  • The Menara Kudus Mosque

The Menara Kudus Mosque can be defined as one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia. This specific mosque, which is also known well as Al Aqsha Mosque, was actually built in the year of 1549. Then, the best unique thing about this mosque is that it had been designed to have the stunning architecture that was influenced by the ancient Hindu and Buddhism. It can be proven when you really notice the red brick used for the building and also the distinctive 15th century Vietnamese ceramics as its ornaments. The combination of all of them can definitely make the mosque become so awesome and wonderful at the same time somehow. So then, it is actually no wonder if this mosque can keep its existence as the iconic site in the City of Kudus, Center Java until today.

  • The Muhammad Cheng Ho Mosque

Furthermore, the other fabulous mosque that can steal your attention is the Muhammad Cheng Ho Mosque. This mosque, which you can find this mosque in Pandaan, Pasuruan, East Java, can be a very great place for you to visit. It is because this mosque can definitely show you the numerous different styles at once, which can be like the Chinese, Arabic, and Javanese styles. All of those styles had been combined in the very best way, so that it can have the notable design that you cannot ignore at all. It is clear that visiting this mosque can be a very suitable option to choose mainly for you who really want to get a lot of impressive feeling. On the other words, you will see that you can get the religious, historical and cultural experiences at once every time you come to the mosque.

In conclusion, they are some of the Unique mosques in indonesia to visit during your leisure time. Basically, all of those places will definitely be able to offer the different great things that you might not find so easily at any other places. In addition, it can be a very amazing idea for you make them the destinations to go when you want to take a vacation. By doing so, you can make your fun holiday on the other level you will not forget.