The Perfect Holiday Destination


The first and foremost consideration should be the type of holiday destination you crave for. While most people dream of making a visit to tropical beaches or an adventurous mountain climbing in the Rocky Mountains, there are some who enjoy the scenic beauty of exotic and natural wildlife environment. If you are planning to spend your vacation in Africa then there are numerous places to visit and make your trip worth remembering. Different countries in Africa have their own unique cultures, currencies, languages and customs. But the common thing that connects all of them is the exotic wildlife reserves ranging from small to enormously large parks. African safari tours areas follows-


This is home to the most famous wildlife reserve in the entire globe, i.e. Serengeti National Park. The clear and natural landscape provides the ultimate opportunity to visitors to have the perfect essence of the wildlife residing there. Due to the lack of sufficient hiding place in this park it is quite easy to spot the wildlife over here.

South Africa:

Next in the chart is the Kruger National Park where spotting the ‘Big Five’ along with the other residents is as easy as spotting a bird in the sky. This is due to the well maintained reserve area providing an opportunity for tourists to drive through the area to experience the exotic beauty of the place.


One cannot forget about the Masai Mara National Reserve when mentioning about the wildlife reserves in Africa. It is home to one of the greatest migrations ever where people get to see over a million wildebeests to shift from the Serengeti towards the Mara regions. This is home to the Big Five along with other species of ungulates and antelopes.


The South Luangwa National Park located in Zambia contains prides of over 30 lions and more than 450 species of birds and also the home to the largest herds of hippos.

Availing luxury safari options

Among the range of available safari options that you have while planning for a vacation to Africa you can chose the most luxurious and the most expensive option. While making a visit to the safari was a long and arduous journey with various problems cropping up in the middle of the journey it is no longer so. Nowadays African safari tours have become a fun loving and exciting journey for people of all age.

Unlike a few years back when carrying your children along with you to the safari was a major concern it is no longer so as the entire journey is well equipped with all the modern amenities that a touring family might need. All you need is to relax in your seat and enjoy the scenic beauty surrounding you. Luxury safaris are mostly popular among tourists to South Africa who prefer to hire 5 star guest lodges along with amazing entertainment. One of the notable luxurious accommodations is the Ulusaba Private Game Reserve, one of Kruger’s fenceless neighbours offering the entire array of 5 star facilities along with other amenities.