Lighten the Load: What to Pack and What to Sell Before You Move


When you are planning to move out of your house or apartment and into a new home, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and dreading the process of moving. While everybody likes the idea of finding that perfect new home and moving on up in terms of the size and quality of the home they live in, the moving process is something that many people dread.

In order to lighten your load a bit and save yourself time and trouble, there are some choices and decisions that you should make beforehand. One such decision is to choose what to pack and what to sell long before the day of your move. Get to know how to select what to pack and sell before your move to your new Sun Prairie, Wisconsin home.

Then, you will make your life and the job of the moving service professionals that you hire easier during the actual moving process.

Sort Through Your Closet and Wardrobe

When you are moving, it is the best time to get honest with yourself about your clothing wardrobe and anything else that you keep stuffed in your closet. Go through everything that you keep in your closets and force yourself to honestly assess the place of those objects in your life. If you have clothing that you have not worn in a year or more, set them aside to sell. The same goes with shoes, accessories, and knick-knacks that may be tucked away in your closets. Only take with you what you truly need and use from these items.

Assess Your Furniture

Furniture is often the most difficult of your possessions to move. After all, furniture is larger than most of your other possessions and can be quite heavy and cumbersome. When you are moving, it is also a good time to purge yourself of furniture that just does not cut it anymore.

If you have been meaning to purchase a new bed because your current one gives you backaches or you have a couch that you just cannot stand the sight of anymore, do not take them with you. Sell them if you can (at least the frame and headboard of your bed, for example) and use the money from the sale to shop for new furniture. And, of course, have the new pieces delivered directly to your new home.

Now that you know some of the areas in which you can find items to sell rather than pack when you are moving, you can begin the sorting process and give yourself and your moving services an easier job to do when moving day rolls around.