How to Plan a Luxury Trip to Thailand

How to Plan a Luxury Trip to Thailand

Are you searching for that perfect destination for an exotic vacation? Are you looking to go all out and make it a luxury trip from start to finish? If so, you may want to look into the destination of Thailand. The country recorded a record number of tourists in 2016, welcoming more than 32 million visitors, all of whom were anxious to explore and discover what Thailand had to offer.As far as destinations go, Thailand sits in the 11th spot for the most visited countries in the world, with foreign tourists being the ones that bring in the most amount of tourism revenue.

So, how can you travel to and explore this exotic destination in style in luxury? Here are some ways you can go all out on a trip to Thailand.

Air Travel Taken to the Next Level

For the ultimate in luxury experiences, nothing beats traveling to and from a destination on your own private jet. Of course, this isn’t going to be for everyone, but if it’s in the budget and you travel often, owning your own jet gives you flexibility, freedom, and comfort that commercial airlines just aren’t capable of.

Now, as for shopping for your own private jet, obviously, this isn’t something you’re just going to be able to purchase in a store. A great place to find listings, which lists all kinds of personal aircraft for sale.

Book a Five-Star Hotel

When it comes to accommodations, Thailand offers a variety of five-star hotels. Bangkok alone has a huge selection of top five-star hotels, such as The Mandarin Oriental, W Bangkok, The Shangri-la, and the Sofitel. And it’s not just Bangkok that you’ll find such luxurious accommodations, as you can also find some pretty spectacular places in the popular beach destination of Phuket.

Book Your Own Private Tour

Rather than sign up for one of the generic tours offered in Bangkok, book your own private tour guide and create a customized itinerary. This will allow you to see all the sights you want. You won’t be crowded by other tourists and you’ll have the complete attention and focus of your tour guide.

Indulge in Thailand’s Well-Known Spas

There is no better way to relax, unwind, and truly pamper yourself than by checking out the seemingly endless selection of luxury spas in Thailand. Here you will be treated to some of the most spectacular spas in the entire world.

Enjoy a Glamping Experience

When you hear the word “camping” you don’t really think of luxury and style, but glamping is a whole other way to camp. Glamping can be described as luxury or glamorous camping and can be found throughout the rainforests of Thailand. A great example is the Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp, which features floating safari tents right on the lakeshore.

Plenty of Luxury Experiences Await

Thailand is simply filled with luxury experiences that are just waiting to be discovered on your trip. Just be sure to do a little research before you go so you know what those must-sees and must-dos are.