Fun Things to Do in Washington State

Fun Things to Do in Washington State
  1. Check out the sights and sounds of Pike’s Market. Exploring Seattle’s famous farmer’s market is an experience you’ll never forget. There, you’ll find fresh produce, local seafood, and tons of art and craft items waiting to be discovered. Plus, you’ll get plenty of opportunities for people watching.
  2. Catch some rays at Long Beach. Covering 28 miles, this beautiful sandy beach lives up to its name as one of the longest beaches in the world. Although the state park located there is called Cape Disappointment, you won’t be disappointed with the gorgeous stretch of seashore, or the fun activities you’ll find there like go carting!
  3. Visit Mount St. Helen’s. The volcano situated south of Seattle provides breathtaking views and is home to numerous hiking and mountain biking trails.
  4. See and touch a real glacier. There are more than 300 beautiful glaciers lining the landscapes of the North Cascades region near the Canadian border.
  5. Check out a dispensary. Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in Washington, and there are dispensaries everywhere that will allow you to give cannabis concentrates a try. You can even do so without having to subject yourself to smoke by using a wax vape pen that produces vapor. Purchasing one before your trip will make sure you are prepared when you spot a dispensary! To purchase one today for your trip, see

  1. Take a wine tour. Book a trip along the Washington Wine Trail in the South Central portion of the state, and you can be chauffeured to and from some of the area’s best wineries to tour the facilities and sample some tasty varieties.
  2. Stand at the edge of Hell’s Canyon. This 10-mile canyon on the eastern border of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, plunges 7,993 feet down to the Snake River, making it deeper than even the Grand Canyon!
  3. Snap a photo of the hills at Palouse. Also found in southeastern Washington, the Palouse Scenic Byway runs across 208 miles of beautiful landscapes that have been attracting amateur and pro photographers for decades.
  4. Take in the view from Mt. Rainier. The largest peak in the Cascade Range, Mt. Rainier, has an elevation of 14,411 feet and is a great spot for enjoying the view as well as for hiking and mountain climbing.
  5. Learn about the Grand Coulee Dam. Located on the Columbia River in northeastern Washington, the Grand Coulee Dam is the largest electric power-producing facility in the U.S., and its visitor center provides a fascinating lesson about hydroelectric power.
  6. Ride the Sky Ride in Spokane. The Sky Ride is a cable car ride that lets you get up close and personal to Spokane Falls, and to check out the sights of Spokane from above!
  7. Stroll through Stonehenge. Located in the Columbia River Valley Gorge region in Southeast Washington, the town of Maryhill is home to a replica of the mysterious Scottish monument. It was built in 1918 as a memorial to soldiers who were killed in action during World War I. To read more about