Five Tips for Renting an RV


Traveling in a recreational vehicle is an excellent way to see the country, but buying one that is only driven occasionally may be a waste of money. Instead of buying an RV, you can rent one for a short vacation to give it a try. Here are five tips for renting an RV for your vacation.

Rent the Right Size

To make sure everyone is comfortable, the RV you rent needs to be the right size. Along with the number of people in the party, you also need to account for their luggage and any accessories you’re taking on the trip. If there are only two people, you and your partner, a small RV rental should be sufficient for both of you and your belongings.

Learn to Dump

Before you leave the rental agency, have them teach you how to dump waste from the toilets and refill the water tanks. When you go to an RV park to spend the night, they will usually have a dump station and water with which you can refill the tanks. Taking time to have someone show you how to dump waste will save you from experiencing a smelly, overflowing toilet.

Take What Is Necessary

When stocking the RV for your trip, only take the items that are necessary for you to have for a few days. If you run out of clean clothes, many RV parks have laundry facilities to get them clean again. Also, only pack food for a few days at a time.

You will have more room in the kitchen cabinets, and you can buy groceries at stores along your route. By packing lightly, the RV will use less fuel because it isn’t carrying a lot of unnecessary weight.

Book Parking in Advance

Whether you’re visiting a state or national park or planning to park overnight in RV camps, you need to make advanced plans. During the peak season, usually the summer months, parks quickly fill up, and you could arrive with no place to camp for the time you want to be there. You should book spaces as soon as you know the dates of your trip.

Outline Your Costs

The most expensive part about traveling by RV is paying for fuel. Larger RVs do not have the best gas mileage, so you could find yourself putting $150 in the tank without filling it up. One of the advantages of driving a small RV is that it gets better gas mileage. Plan on setting a budget by finding out the mileage of the RV you’re renting and estimating the cost of fuel before your trip.

By using these tips, you can have a successful and fun RV vacation.