Everything You Need To Know About IDC Thailand


IDC Thailand is one location where you can be a part of the PADI IDC or Instructor Development Course operated by Camille Lemmens, the Director. This course is usually rendered on the island called Koh Phangan. During this course much emphasis is laid on personalized training with the director generally working with small groups and conducting the training throughout the day. This is a type of training that calls for a lot of individual and personal attention. There are a number of reasons behind taking IDC course at this location. However, the reasons might vary from one person to another. There are people who choose it for its location, affordability, specific frame of time, small groups, quality, great fun, excellent experience or tuition and personal attention. These are some of the most basic reasons behind choosing the services of this IDC training center in Thailand.

The Experience Possessed by the Director- Camille Lemmens

Camille Lemmens has been teaching more than 130 IDC training programs since the year 2003. He has taught more than 500 candidates with a very high passing rate. Apart from this, Camille has even taught more than 1600 specialty instructor courses while certifying over 500 students on different instructor levels like EFR Instructor, DAN O0 Instructor and IDC Staff Instructor. The branches of this IDC training center are located all over Thailand with programs being offered on Khao Lak, Koh Lanta and Koh Phangan. Proper location of the programs allows Camille to offer the programs with best diving conditions and local weather all throughout the year. Apart from this, you will also find that the IDC programs rendered by Camille have latest curriculum updates.

The Benefits of Choosing IDC Programs in Thailand

IDC Thailand gives you the opportunity to get the best when it comes to Instructor Development Course programs. This is a center where training programs are carried out in small groups making it convenient for the people to receive personal attention. These training programs are carried out in different languages like German, Dutch, French and English. This is an award winning organization and has even received a number of certificates for recognition of excellence. All the IDC programs are followed directly by the PADI IE on location. The time schedules for the programs are quite relaxing with the IDC program lasting for around ten days which includes a 2 day preparation course for free along with EFR Instructor course. Participants are also offered visa assistance in Thailand. Job placement is also offered to the participants.


If you are in the look out of the best IDC or Instructor Development Course, IDC Thailand would be the best option. There are different workshops carried out at this training center during the IDC training program. Apart from this, the participants are also offered free lunches with the training costs being minimal. There are a total of twenty varied Instructor Specialties that can be chosen by participants who are looking forward to upgrading their dive professional career. Assistance is also offered in getting hold of a suitable accommodation fitting the budget and the requirements of the participants.