Different Things to do while camping in Rishikesh


Rishikesh is a commonly known destination for religious exercises. This is because of the nearness of many divine sanctuaries and journey focuses. However, it is additionally a powerhouse for aficionado daredevil. Adventure darlings have observed the place to be perfect for some extraordinary sporting adventures. Found in the foothills of Himalayas, Rishikesh is honored to withhold the nearness of Lord Vishnu ‘master of all faculties’ and the Ganges river too. This river holds the way to a significant part of the river based rushes as a result of its rough and thundering waves that rouse adventurers to join exercises, for example, water rafting in the territory. Here are the Different Things to do while camping in Rishikesh.

Body Surfing

Do you wish to swim in the waves? If yes, then get prepared to encounter the most daring action – Body Surfing, encourages you to ride a wave as long as you want, without any hardware. Before getting on the wave, the surfers must experience the systems for the security. To make the action all the more thrilling and smoother, carry handguns, oars and swim fins to get help in increasing the speed and in addition twofold the fun and energy.

Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping shouldn’t be missed on Rishikesh tour, offering vacationers to submerge into the river from the bigger elevations. One can increase the stature of the cliff according to his/her stamina and endurance. Increasingly the tallness, greater fervor will be experienced while cliff jumping. In addition, the experience of jumping into the frosty weather from a most extreme tallness will give you Goosebumps and will shake at whatever point the adventure is visualized.

Bungee jumping, Rock climbing, and kayaking can likewise turn into a piece of your enjoyment during the tour to Rishikesh. Along these lines, set out soon and gather the best recollections to treasure for whatever remains of the life.


Rafting is the main word that hit in the minds of the millions of people when they think of Rishikesh. Playing with the gushing streams of the River Ganges at real destinations of river rafting Rishikesh will bestow one the best recollections to value until the end of time. The river has 13 exhilarating rapids, which fall into the classifications of review 1, review 2, review 3 and grade 4. Offering thrilling background to people of any age, rafting is delighted in under the observation of the rafting specialists for the wellbeing and security of every traveler.


Trekking expeditions of Rishikesh delicate the visitors a wonderful chance to find the stupendous sights of Himalayan pinnacles, an assortment of blooms, breathtaking natural magnificence, and pine trees. Exploring measure of trekking ways, one must not miss this radiant chance to approach the paradise where a feeling of gladness and satisfaction will go through his/her heart. In addition, the pleasant atmosphere will add a treat to adventure.

In conclusion, Rishikesh is the best destination to look for thrills. Aside from these exercises, Rishikesh likewise offers sporting adventures.