An Indian App Which Is On Course to Create History


India is a country of diversity, there is diversity in languages, cuisines, customs, and thoughts. Similarly taking this to technical discourse; there is a great diversity in apps and the services that they intend to offer.

Behind every app, there is an idea – to simplify the existing processes, and in India, owing to long kowtow to socialism has bred many unorganized sectors – For instance, real estate, finding professionals etc.

So who is the real deal breaker? Well, there are many apps around, however one of the most difficult and fiercely competed field is that of the professional services.

There are quite a few who are already in the fray, notably UrbanClap, Zimmber, HouseJoy etc. and the list goes on.

So here are six things that can act as a yardstick to judge them.

  1. Services offered: Here, UrbanClap wins hands down, because it covers more services than any other app/portal, starting from chores like home cleaning to counselors, the app does it all.
  2. The number of professionals: With over thousands of registrations, UrbanClap again emphatically wins the race, it is a huge pool of professionals and accomplishment by any account. Right from packers and movers in Pune to Home Cleaning services in Bangalore, UrbanClap has it all.
  3. Technology: Again for this, the app leads, because UrbanClap’s algorithm gives more of relevant searches than overwhelming users with a number of listings.
  4. Background checks: Professionals with UrbanClap go through stringent background and police verification check if UrbanClap history was anything to go by, the company lays great emphasis on verification which is quintessential in the field that they operate in.
  5. Wallet: There is a myth that creation of separate wallet implies better technology. No right minded person who anything knows about app development will buy this argument, let’s put it in plain English – Would you like 1 wallet to keep 3-4 wallets to make payments? The answer is as simple as that, and that’s why wallet integration helps, UrbanClap uses Paytm which makes perfect sense, and makes it easy for users to deal with payments.
  6. Ratings: Yet again, it’s UrbanClap, because it helps you gauge the competence of the professional by giving you professionals rating, you surely realize how handy it is to learn about it before making any decision.
  7. Neutrality: This is the most important aspect, to put it in perspective, had UrbanClap failed in neutrality but scored well everything else, we would still consider it zero, because this sector is picking up, and intent does matter. Gladly, to UrbanClap’s credit, it maintains and takes great care to maintain neutrality, which is definitely a great quality to persist with.

Overall UrbanClap Company scores high on almost every parameter that one would talk of, yet the company is modest and doesn’t boast about what it offers, unlike others.

Currently, it operates in multiple cities and has a robust packers and movers ecosystem. Their packers and movers in Chennai – for instance, are quite a hit amongst locals.

The app is ad-free and is available for a free download on the app store as well as google play. The company is on its way to change the landscape of professional services in India, which is pegged as a $100 billion industry.

However great journeys are never that easy to cover, similarly, UrbanClap will have to fight red tape and maintain its current standards as it expands pan-India, which is going to be a great challenge. However buoyed with best minds in India, it looks to be the only promising Indian app that looks poised to create history by rejuvenating this field.