A Holiday Account of Australia You May Not Have Read

A Holiday Account of Australia You May Not Have Read

The only way to travel across a large continent like Australia is by flying. It’s quick, it’s easy and there are many cheap discounts and deals you can find if you search online and some of the sites we recommend are Totally Australia Flights, Webjet and Flight Centre. Usually the travelled routes are the ones between the major cities such as Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney. Many people travel on domestic flights from Sydney to Melbourne and vice versa, it’s a well travelled route and the busiest domestic route in Australia. The flights between these cities are frequent, almost like a bus service. This is due to the amount of business that is conducted in each of the cities and the necessity of having the business people travel between them. Sydney and Melbourne are the two most popular cities in Australia and are very well known around the world.

Sydney is known for it’s iconic image of the Harbour bridge and the Sydney Opera House, it also has some wonderful parks and recreation areas where anyone can admire Sydney’s wonderful architecture. Sydney is distinctive as being the first British colony on Australian soil.

Melbourne is equally as famous for its rich, cultural history as Sydney. In the 1850s, shortly after Melbourne had been settled, there was a gold rush in the state of Victoria and this brought in thousands of immigrants hoping to make their fortune. Although the gold dried up, Melbourne didn’t and today is a flourishing city with many attractions such as Federation Square, which is a popular place to meet, Queen Victoria Market, where one can buy all manner of fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood along with all kinds of other items.

Tourists often like to fly between these two cities to get the contrast of what life in Australia is like for residents of the two cities. Flights are operated daily by Qantas, Tiger Airways, Jetstar and Virgin Australia. Qantas is Australia’s biggest airline and as such offers the biggest volume of flights, which numbers at about 4-5 per day. With the flight time being only an hour and twenty minutes and with a total distance of 713 kilometres, which translates to 443 miles, it’s very easy to see why there are so many flights between the cities. Virgin Australia operate around the same number of flights per day, as do Tigerair and Jetstar. The cost of these flights is usually very high if you are looking for first class seats. However the cost is reduced drastically for those looking for economy class and that is usually anybody who is a regular tourist. Most businesses these days are cutting costs and making their employees fly economy in order to save a bit of money. But with the frequency of flights between Sydney and Melbourne, it is never going to be a problem getting a seat on a Qantas, Virgin, Tigerair or Jetstar flight and with the demand, the price is significantly lower.

Some of the best deals from Qantas is $139 Australian dollars for a round trip to Melbourne, but if you shop around online the price can be as low as 79 dollars for a seat. It always pays to shop around and take advantage of the time you are booking, during peak seasons, when people mostly expect the prices to skyrocket, the deal you could get on a flight between Sydney and Melbourne might be as low as $40. This is why exploring all options is wise as you never know what you might turn up in your favour.


We recently heard from a colleague who returned from a trip to Sydney Australia and this is their account.

“Sydney is a city for everyone. A city I want to keep going back to!

My recent visit to Sydney, Australia, was easily the best trip of my life. I had wanted to visit Sydney for many years. I wanted to experience everything: the culture, the scenery, the outdoors and the people. I visited during the spring, which would be autumn in the rest of the world, and the weather was everything I could have wanted. We spent hours outside where we could soak up the sun and explore the city on foot. Sydney really is easy to travel. We could walk, take the bus, use the ferry or ride the train to get virtually anywhere we wanted to go. The best part about seeing the city on foot was that it gave us an opportunity to stop and explore tucked-away little pubs, picturesque alleyways and boutiques and galleries that overflowed with character. We may never have noticed any of these delights had we been driving.

As much as there was to experience in Sydney, it was the accommodations that really made this trip special. We stayed with Furnished Properties, a fully furnished apartment company that featured everything we would need during our stay. Although we have previously stayed in hotels or even bed-and-breakfasts, nothing could have prepared me for the utter luxury of staying in an apartment. It just felt like home. We got to know our neighbours, who were full-fledged Sydneysiders, and even spent an evening out with them. By staying in a neighbourhood instead of a crowded, impersonal hotel, I felt like we were able to get more of an insider’s view of this world-renowned city. The apartment meant we had more control over everything we did. We were not restricted to specific activities, hours or even meals. My partner and I could easily prepare a leisurely meal and eat out on the patio, or we could stop off at one of Sydney’s little cafés for coffee and breakfast. We could even spend an evening cuddled up with a movie or eating takeaway at our own table. The apartment just gave us so many options.

Of course, we did not spend the entire holiday in our apartment. We enjoyed a wine tour in the Hunter Valley and hiked in the Blue Mountains where we saw the Three Sisters and marvelled at the blue mists coming off the tree. However, the apartment really did make us feel more at home throughout the entire trip and allowed us to enjoy Sydney on our terms. We shopped in George Street and took in the markets in The Rocks, which is probably best known for its stately historic architecture and quaintly cobbled roads. I spent a few hours in the sun at Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, which overlooks Fort Denison, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. It is located near the Royal Botanic Gardens, which are simply amazing and full of colour at this time of year. Taronga Zoo was also fun to visit. A behind-the-scenes tour gave me an up-close-and-personal look at some of the most exotic animals that I have ever encountered. The Bridge Climb was also an incredible experience: I was able to climb to the top of the Harbour Bridge overlooking the brilliantly lit Sydney skyline.”