5 Cool Places Close to India to Spend Your Summer Vacations


As the summers make its presence more and more profound and the summer holidays are declared all over the country, everyone is planning a family trip preferably at a cooler place. And with foreign trips to be the latest flavor in the traveling industry, the Indian are spoilt for choice. There are plenty of options from exotic to value trips around the world that will create memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Let’s take a look at some of the most favored options.

Bhutan: A foreign trip does not necessarily mean Europe and America. There are countries that are almost attached with India and yet have so much newness to offer for the first time visitors. One such place is Bhutan. The mountain nation stands for pristine natural beauty untouched by the malicious pollution that affects the rest of the world, immaculate architecture, an unparalleled culture and welcoming people. Each and every tourist place in Bhutan has something to offer to the visitors that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Nepal: Yet another neighboring country of India which has set an example to the world of a perfectly sustainable and ecologically balanced nation that flaunts its gross happiness quotient rather than GDP of the rest of the nations all over the world. What makes your stay really worthwhile in this country is to be able to see how a nation can be run with such an unparalleled grace and integrity despite the landslides and the other frequent natural calamities. A visit to Nepal will help you retrospect on your life as a whole.

Turkey: Can you believe that beauty of landscape can exist without even a speck of green anywhere as far as your eyes can go? You have to be in Turkey to believe it. It is amazing how beautiful and majestic a place can be. The grandeur of Turkey lies in a blend of man-made and natural wonders, in their architecture of mosques and castles as well as the natural cotton castle known as Pamukkale which shows how varies the canvas of the creator of this planet can be. Visit Turkey to behold beauty on the other side of green.

Greece: The ancient most piece of human civilization that has survived the many wrath of time is none other than Greece. Marked with natural beauty and reminiscence of the yester worlds Greece offers a lot of layers for the visitors to unravel and explore. The vibrancy of the people, their culture and food as a completely different dimension to its enchanting beauty. There are umpteen lodging options which offer unparalleled hospitality. The islands, the hills and the water make it a perfect heaven for a summer holiday.

Dubai: Cool or not in terms of climatic conditions, Dubai is a must visit for everyone. It is the perfect example of the extent to which human innovation and creativity can reach. A piece of land that is completely bereft of the geographical riches and yet standing so incredibly tall in every aspect. From gardens, to water bodies to the tallest towers, everything is man made in Dubai. The country is known for its riches and attracts people from all over the world who flock in there to behold and appreciate the man made marvels that gives Dubai a leg up when compared to the other countries in the world.